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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks Attendance Figures for Fiscal Year 2011

URAYASU, CHIBA—Tokyo Disney Resort® announced today that the total combined attendance at Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park for fiscal year 2011 (April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012) amounted to 25,347,000 persons (19,000 fewer persons or 99.9%of the attendance figure for the previous year). However, the attendance during the second half of the fiscal year reached a record 14,608,000 persons.

The 10th Anniversary “Be Magical!” event (September 4, 2011 through March 19, 2012) and the debut of the new nighttime spectacular “Fantasmic!” (April 28, 2011) at Tokyo DisneySea, as well as other programs were effective in generating the high attendance. Fiscal year 2011 demonstrated the favorable attendance generating conditions of an anniversary year, despite the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In addition, one of the factors unique to this fiscal year was that guests who could not visit due to the Park closures or who had refrained from visiting immediately after the Parks reopened came to the Parks later in the year.

In fiscal year 2012 at Tokyo DisneySea, a new attraction, Toy Story Mania! will open and a brand new event featuring Mickey Mouse and Duffy will be offered. We will undertake these and other measures to continue to generate attendance.

For Reference:

Park Operating Days in Fiscal Year 2011

Tokyo Disneyland: 352 days (closed April 1 - 14, 2011)

Tokyo DisneySea: 339 days (closed April 1 - 27, 2011)

Park Operating Days in Fiscal Year 2010

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea: 345 days (closed March 12 - 31, 2011)

Total Combined Attendance since the Grand Opening of Tokyo Disneyland (April 1983)

540,191,000 persons

Shanghai Disneyland Fact Sheet

Gallery Media

Fact Sheet

Name: Shanghai Disney Resort

Location: Pudong New District, Shanghai

Resort Size at Opening: 3.9 square kilometers (963 acres)

Start of Construction: April 8, 2011

Target Opening: End of 2015

Project Overview:

Shanghai Disney Resort, the first Disney resort in mainland China, will be a place where friends and families can escape together to a whole new world of fantasy, imagination, creativity and adventure. On Opening Day, the resort will be home to the Shanghai Disneyland theme park, two themed hotels, a large retail, dining and entertainment venue and outdoor recreation areas. Shanghai Disneyland will be a Magic Kingdom-style theme park featuring classic Disney storytelling and characters but with authentic cultural touches and themes tailored specifically for the people of China. Shanghai Disney Resort will have something for everyone – thrilling adventures, lush gardens where guests can relax together and enriching interactive experiences, all with the world-class guest service that Disney is known for around the globe.

Project Statistics at Opening:

Target Market Population: 330 million within a three-hour drive or train ride of Shanghai
Resort Size at Opening: 3.9 square kilometers (963 acres)
Park: Shanghai Disneyland (including back of house areas), approximately 910,963 square meters (225 acres), or 1,160,000 square meters (287 acres) if the parking lot is included
Hotels: 2 – 1 deluxe hotel and 1 value hotel with a total of 1,220 rooms
Retail, Dining & Entertainment: 27,900 square meters (300,000 square feet), similar to Downtown Disney in Anaheim
Additional Facilities: 100 acre lake (404,685 square meters), other outdoor recreation facilities, and parking and transportation hubs


History of Disney Parks:
As the father of two small girls, Walt Disney dreamed of a place where parents and children could spend time together in a safe, clean environment where their imaginations could run free. In 1955, in Anaheim, California, his dream became the first Disney theme park, aptly named Disneyland and with it, a new era in family entertainment began. Since then, The Walt Disney Company has opened resorts in Orlando, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. Every new location started with a Magic Kingdom-style park and while they all have their own identity, each one shares essential elements from the original Disneyland, including a central castle surrounded by several highly themed "lands" that each offer a unique Disney experience. When guests enter the gates of a Magic Kingdom anywhere in the world, they are transported into a world of imagination, fantasy and adventure, where favorite Disney characters come to life and guests of all ages become part of the magic.

Design Philosophy:
Shanghai Disney Resort will be home to Shanghai Disneyland, a Magic Kingdom-style theme park that will welcome friends and families into a world of fantasy, adventure, magic and thrills. Currently still in the design phase, Shanghai Disneyland will include signature Disney experiences that guests around the world know and love as well as many exciting new elements tailored specifically for the people of China and unique to the Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Disneyland will be authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.

Creative Overview:
Throughout Shanghai Disneyland, classic Disney characters and storytelling will blend with Chinese customs and celebrations to create a unique experience for guests in Shanghai. The park will consist of several themed lands, each with their own distinct attractions, entertainment and immersive experiences. At the heart of the park will be Storybook Castle, our most interactive Disney castle yet complete with entertainment, dining and performance spaces. It will truly be an attraction unto itself.

An 11 acre (46,130 square meters), one-of-a-kind, dynamic green space will welcome guests to Shanghai Disneyland and provide the perfect spot to view the parade or nightly fireworks. It will also feature Chinese seasonal plants and flowers, dramatic lighting and traditional music to serve as a backdrop for vibrant Chinese cultural celebrations and festivals, as well as opportunities for art, creativity, exploration and discovery. The park will consist of other large-scale entertainment spaces, indoor and out, that will be used for various purposes throughout the year.

Innovation and Technology
Innovative new technology has always been a hallmark of the Disney vacation experience and Shanghai Disney Resort will continue that tradition. The park will take full advantage of advances in virtual technology as well as new gaming and ride systems that will fully immerse our guests in our attractions.


The Walt Disney Company and Shanghai Shendi Group have joined together to invest in Shanghai Disney Resort. As part of the agreement, two new owner companies will be formed with Shanghai Shendi Group holding 57% of the shares and Disney holding the remaining 43% of shares.

Shanghai Shendi Group Co., Ltd. is a 100% state-owned joint venture investment holding company formed by three sponsors - Shanghai Lujiazui Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Radio, Film and Television Development Co., Ltd., and Jinjiang International Group Holding Company. Shanghai Shendi Group Co., Ltd. is involved in project investment, construction, and operation through two full subsidiaries: Shanghai Shendi Resort Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shendi Construction Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Disney Resort will be financed with contributions from Disney and Shanghai Shendi Group proportionate to ownership.

The Opening Day investment breakdown is as follows:
  • 24.5 billion yuan/US$3.7 billion for the theme park
  • 4.5 billion yuan/US$700 million for the hotels and RD&E
The investment contribution will be split 30% debt and 70% equity from each partner.

As part of the agreement, a joint venture management company will be formed with Disney having a 70% stake and Shanghai Shendi Group having a 30% stake.